Why you should spay & neuter and the sad reality of "Puppy Mills":

This is my plea to you:

Educate yourself about the devastating number of healthy &
adoptable dogs & cats getting killed in US-shelters every month due to a serious problem in this country: PET-OVERPOPULATION. Most shelters have limited space to keep animals brought in each day. They cannot adopt them as fast as they are brought in, there are not enough
homes to adopt them to.

Example: In Los Angeles County, almost 70% of cats & dogs in Los Angeles City shelters are euthanized (KILLED) within a matter of days. In some parts of the US, the numbers are as high as 91%!!! Some of these pets are killed by lethal injection, others are gassed with carbon monoxide in gas chambers, and this slow death takes about 15 minutes!

The number of dogs alone killed in Los Angeles is estimated to be between 2500 to 3500 EVERY MONTH; these numbers are retrieved from Los Angeles County; it is public record.

This year alone an estimated 5-9 MILLION animals will be killed in City/County Shelters across the United States mostly because of pet-overpopulation. The numbers are staggering. Often Cities/Counties fail to spend public money on the only method proven to reduce the number of unwanted animals killed in shelters: spaying and neutering pets to cut down on population growth.

In all fairness, sometimes individuals really just do not know the real facts....or do they? Often dog owners feel since they acquired a 'pure-breed dog' they should breed to make some extra money....TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT: you are a 'backyard-breeder' (see below) and only contributing to the problem! RESPONSIBLE breeding should only be done by a professional breeder, who understands genetics 100% and is fully prepared to take back any dog he ever places into a home. Often dog owners believe the old wives tale that a female dog should at least have one offspring in their life (COMPLETELY false, ask your vet!).

Did you know a male & female dog who breed only ONE TIME would result in THOUSANDS of dogs from their offspring over the course of their lives???? If you are a true dog lover, I encourage you to educate yourselves: Check with some local (non-profit/501C3) private rescue organizations in your city, they may tell you the sad truth why they exist and their daily struggles. Go to your local City Animal Shelter and ask to view County/City euthanasia records to find out what goes on in YOUR City (this is public record and paid for with YOUR tax dollars and dog-license fees!). A lot of City Shelter dogs & cats are sold to Universities and Research Laboratories for cruel and often unnecessary animal testing! HELP END THE SENSELESS KILLING OF HEALTHY PETS!! PLEASE DO YOUR PART AS A RESPONSIBLE DOG-GUARDIAN: SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!!!!!!!...and GUYS......yes...the BOYS, TOO!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are thinking about adopting a dog or cat, PLEASE ADOPT FROM YOUR LOCAL CITY or COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER OR a non-profit ANIMAL WELFARE ORGANIZATION! Please do not EVER acquire a puppy or kitten from a commercial pet store: 99% of dogs & cats sold at PET STORES (often for a lot of money and quite impressive looking papers) originate from so-called 'puppy & kitten mills'. Do you know what a 'puppy/kitten mill' is?? It is a facility where under the most unhealthy, unsanitary and inhumane conditions sometimes hundreds of dogs/cats live in small crates and cages and act as 'breeding machines' to produce one offspring after another which get sold to pet stores. These poor animals never see the sun, mostly live, and die in their crates!

PLEASE GO TO www.critterhaven.org/puppy_mills.htm FOR MORE INFO!

The majority of these dogs and cats bred under those unhealthy and inhumane conditions end up having severe health challenges and end up being sickly throughout their lives (potentially costing you thousands in vet bills). Often these at times expensive pet-store animals are not even pure breed. If you absolutely MUST get a pure breed dog, consider finding a rescue that deals with the particular breed you are looking for (there is a rescue for every single breed, if you can't find one; email me and I will help you find one). If you really want a puppy from reputable breeder: educate yourself about the breed, their genetic predisposition, read about healthy and responsible dog breeding (NOT on the internet...), visit the breeder many, many times, deal with local breeders where you are allowed to stop by AT ANY TIME. Check out the conditions the [parent] dogs live in, how social they are, see how their behavior is toward strangers {you}, ask a lot of questions. Make sure they do not breed often and not for 'the money'. If you feel something is 'not rightÕ, do not acquire a dog from them and inform your local Department of Animal Regulation about your experience. Do not ever buy from a so called 'back-yard breeder' as these are part of the pet-overpopulation problem! A so-called 'backyard breeder' usually does not have a clue (but pretends to) about proper breeding, genetics over the generations and everything else involved with proper breeding ("AKC registered" means NOTHING, it is merely a registry).

In addition, remember a pet is a 12-20 year commitment! THANK YOU FOR CARING ENOUGH TO READ THIS! I HOPE YOUR LOVE FOR ANIMALS IS GREAT ENOUGH TO GET YOUR PET SPAYED & NEUTERED. If you cannot afford it at this time, call your local shelters and/or private rescue organizations in your area, they often have funds available to help. Please call & talk to them. PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!