Established in 2004 in Los Angeles California, Alpha Pet Dog Training offers force-free positive reinforcement dog training (obedience & behavior modification) for dogs of all ages and breeds, including puppies. 
Their scientifically proven FORCE-FREE methods are based on techniques such as operant conditioning which is used to teach new behaviors and strengthen existing ones.
Punishment has no place in dog training as it is merely emotional venting that leads to distrust and fear. The cornerstones of dog training is proper communication and respect.
Once you have both, the byproduct is TRUST and a well balanced dog.
Alpha Pet Dog's Internationally trained head Behavior Specialist uses non-confrontational methods to successfully work with clients and their dogs, shaping desired behaviors, training actions that are incompatible with negative behavior. These type of training methods lessen a dog's frustration and make training a positive and fun experience.
There is no need for a well educated trainer to EVER use shock collars, choke chains or other harsh, punishment-based training methods to train, condition, manage or shape behaviors. Shock collar training is based on fear - NOT actual learning.
Scientific studies have proven that positive reinforcement training is more effective, longer lasting and less harmful to dogs.
Alpha Pet Dog's Behavior Specialist uses methods deemed humane and are endorsed by the international behavioral scientific community, Humane Societies and D.V.M. Behaviorists worldwide. Alpha's head trainer has studied and specialized in canine behavior since 2003 after deciding to leave the corporate world for a more fulfilling line of work. They completed apprenticeships and attended hundreds of accredited Continuing Education workshops, courses and classes to further their education in the field (cert. continuing education credits). A.P.D.'s Behavior Specialist is certified/FA/CPR accredited/cert. and has maintained numerous professional memberships with organizations such as A.B.S. (current), I.A.A.B.C. (current) and APDT (2004-2013).
In 2020 Alpha Pet Dog Training shut down due to the Covid Pandemic and the business ended up relocating to the beautiful Central Coast of California.
Alpha Pet Dog Training is accepting clients for private training sessions, Train-All-Day training and some limited pet sitting for customers in the following areas:
San Luis Obispo & surrounding areas, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Santa Maria & surrounding areas.
Alpha Pet Dog was described as a "Hollywood A-Lister's best kept secret since 2004". While operating in the L.A. area Alpha Pet Dog Training worked with numerous TV and Film personalities; in their homes as well as on the old Alpha Pet Dog Ranch in the beautiful mountains above L.A.

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