Our All-Day-Train Program brings Alpha's Head Trainer into your home for an ALL DAY hands-on training and teaching Program. During this all day program we analyze challenges your family is facing and customize appropriate approaches. We teach you and your family canine management skills, do's and dont's, we teach you to easy to follow, useful every day training tools. Undesirable behaviors will be addressed by teaching you how to REPLACE undesirable behaviors with more desirable ones for a more harmonious relationship with your dog (s). 
In this personalized all day in-home program we will identify your specific challenges and create a program of exercises that you can implement immediately and ongoing.
A dog's concept of "right and wrong" is completely different from a human's. Almost always is the information you think you are giving your dog NOT the information the dog is receiving. We will help you communicate and interact with your dog in a way your dog can understand what it is what you want and not allow your dog to "practice" bad behaviors. Every time you interact with your dog it is a form of TRAINING, a reinforcer.
Negative attention brings more negative behavior, if the only way your dog gets your attention is by 'being bad', you are teaching your dog to act bad for more attention...
This all day program is a great start for a successful and more harmonious relationship with your dog. We will help you to become your dog's role model and teach you how to communicate more effectively with your canine companion.
This program can be followed up with daily or weekly training sessions at a discounted rate.

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