It is never too late (or too early) to start your dog on a training program:
A good dog is an EDUCATED dog!!!
We offer private in-home training for dogs of all ages and breeds.
We offer solutions for obedience and/or behavioral challenges such as:

separation anxiety
fear and/or generalized anxiety
human and dog-directed aggression
aggression management
resource guarding
touch sensitivity/intolerance to touch
leash reactivity/leash aggression
general impulse control
door dashing
potty training, house soiling (puppy/adult)
puppy management/new dog guardianship
crate training
adolescent issues
isolation distress
food aggression
nipping & mouthing, biting
leash walking
new pet adoption, dog-dog intros
.... and much more


Dogs as young as 8 weeks of age may start their educational 'puppy etiquette' tutoring program with us. The sooner you work with a knowledgable trainer the better.
We often assist our clients the very day they bring their new dog home, puppy or rescue dog.
Being pro-active from the day you bring your new family member home has immense benefits. Our head trainer has over 20 years experience working with young, old, handicapped and rescue dogs with traumatic pasts including shelter stress, abuse and more.

There is no age limit or breed restriction for dogs training with us: We CAN teach your old dog new tricks...
All training and behaviour shaping is completely tailored to each individual dog's challenges/problems, their learning ability, energy level and many other important factors.
Once we have adequate information about the challenges you are facing, we will be able to discuss which program may be most suitable and effective for you and your dog.
We use modern day motivational, humane and effective, positive reinforcement training and behavior shaping techniques endorsed by the AHA, HSUS, SPCA, Certified D.V.M. Behaviorists and most Schools of Veterinary Medicine.

Fortunately supporting positive reinforcement over harsh and aversive training techniques reflects a strong trend and rapidly changing philosophy within the dog training world. Where methods based on controlling animals through dominance, fear and/or pain (avoidance) once were considered necessary or acceptable, more and more professional dog trainers are making a conscious effort to become educated on the subject, and now rely primarily on truly positive training techniques. We applaud this effort!

We do not condone nor do we use choke chains, pinch collars or electric shock collars for any of our training programs. Negative reinforcement, harsh or intimidating training WILL change a dog's behaviour, but carries a huge potential for abuse and undesired side effects such as anxiety, fear, mistrust and and the potential of aggression toward the owner, family members or strangers. Not to mention such outdated training methods are not at all enjoyable for the dog.

Dog training can and should be fun; for the dog, the dog's guardian and the trainer!

Note: Our 'Train & Board' programs are currently not available. Alternatively we offer a effective "ALL-DAY-TRAIN" program.
Please click on the "ALL DAY TRAIN" tab for more information.











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